“There is no such thing as objective journalism.
The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.”

Hunter S. Thompson


Antisemites are always the others

On the street and online hate speech against Jews is reaching alarming levels. The German federal government spends 125 million euros annually on preventing extremism and fighting antisemitism. What are the new strategies?

Paradise or Robokalypse

Are we facing a golden digital age or is the robocalypse looming? Ethical standards in dealing with artificial intelligence are of highest urgency. And one question remains unanswered: What makes us humans singular?

Killer Robots: When machines kill

No longer humans, but algorithms and software could make the difference between life and death on the battlefields of the future. So-called killer robots make decisions about when, where and who to kill without human control. The film captures voices from passionate opponents and critical supporters and shows a multi-facetted, moral dilemma.

Young, gay, and religious

Reservations, resentments, in the worst case exclusion from the religious community: Many young, devout gays and lesbians have these experiences when they come out of the closet. Now Jewish, Muslim, and Christian members of the LGBTQI community are fighting for their rights.

One last shot

“One Last Shot” tells the story of the life and death of Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana, one of the best war cameramen of his generation. Born and raised in Hebron, Palestine, he became a fighter for Press freedom, and in 2001 was awarded the prestigious “International Press Freedom Award” in New York.
On August 17, 2003 he was tragically killed by an American soldier in Baghdad, who mistook his camera for an RPG.

Jewish. German. A problem?

“The Jews are to blame for everything” wrote the composer and cabaret artist Friedrich Hollaender in his satirical hit song as early as 1931. Today it seems as if anti-Semitism in Germany is back on the rise. It’s not just right-wing extremists or Islamists. According to Julius H. Schoeps, historian of European-Jewish history, it is the socially acceptable anti-Semitism of the middle classes that is so worrying: “Anti-Semitism is an integral part of German culture.”

Save a child´s heart

„Save a child’s heart“ is one of the most ambitious projects that came out of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in its hay day. A team of Israeli cardiologists have saved more than 10.000 children’s lives, most of them Palestinians.

Yessir, this is kosher

They are 55 square meters of ‘Yiddishness’, as Jews would say, something like Jewish heart and soul: Café Bleibergs in the middle of Berlin-Charlottenburg. Nobody here cares how normal or not Jewish life is in Germany 70 years after the Holocaust, least of all the stressed out boss of the café. The most popular of our “docomedies” has been broadcast countless times on German TV.