„Art is the signature of civilizations.“

Beverly Stills, Sopranist


Holograms in the Operating Theater

High-tech medical research is a key industry in Israel. In the near future, virtual reality should help doctors with operations. Researchers  developed holograms that can show the surgeon the patient’s organs in real time.

Cultural Revolution in Jerusalem

In the midst of the protests against the controversial Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a creative scene emerges as Israel has never seen before.

The Jews are coming

Satire is one of Israeli culture’s top products. TV shows making fun of corrupt politicians, warmongers, peace activists, Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists promise high ratings – especially when sacred cows are slaughtered in the Holy Land.

Yuval Harari – a historian and COVID19

The corona virus poses unimagined challenges for entire nations. We have to decide now, believes the historian Yuval Harari – between national isolation and global solidarity.

Palestinian Ruins

On May 15, the Palestinians traditionally mourn “Nakba Day” in memory of their expulsion and flight. Civil forces want to support this commemoration on both sides of the divide.

Creativity in times of corona

Closed concert halls, artist studios, theaters: artists around the world are telling their stories of how the corona pandemic poses huge challenges for their work, and what new ideas emerge from the crisis. Our contribution to the documentary: the portrait of a hat designer from Israel.