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Bei mir biste scheen

How are the chances of a Jewish financial advisor in Paris and a Jewish university professor from Siberia to meet, fall in love, and marry? Zilch... wasn´t it for the matchmaker Jose Weber in Frankfurt. Weber´s agency is called Simantov, Hebrew for "Good Sign". What´s special about Simantov is that most of its clients live far apart from each other. Frankfurt´s Jewish community, for instance, doesn´t consist of much more than 7.000 souls. "Many of those have known each other since early childhood", says Weber, "and you don´t fall in love with your childhood buddies." Around 15.000 Jews in Europe are looking for a partner, many of which, says Jose Weber, are seeking out his help, but the ultimate responsibility, he claims, lies on somebody else's shoulders: "God is taking care of love. I am just his sidekick." In Berlin the situation is especially hard. Yes, Jews looking for a soulmate sometimes go the single meetings at Café Bleibergs, but not many have struck gold there. Self-declared gigolo Georg, who is known to cruise through the city in his snow white "gigolo suit", has lost all hope to find someone on the "open market". Now he tries his luck with Jose Weber. Weber has a worldwide net, through which he matches lonely Jewish hearts like the beautiful TV-anchor Lucia from Bratislava, or Alina from New York, a successful young woman, who can´t find a partner in New York, a city with over a million Jews. She´s been looking for Weber´s help - so far without success. "It´s been six months", she complains, "and there hasn´t been one single rendezvous!". Weber´s clients need a lot of patience. He does too. Half of his fee is only paid after a successful match ending in marriage. "Matchmakers used to get ten percent of the dowry", Weber says, "but these days are long gone". He himself has been lucky as a matchmaker, and even found his wife through his agency. One fine day she walked into his office looking for a man... and ended up marrying the matchmaker himself. All´s well that ends well. "Bei mir biste scheen" will be aired July 7, 2013, 5:30pm on ARD, German Public TV.